I’m pretty psyched on CrimsonZine, because it’s something new to the world of microcontent: a way to create a free zine where you can publish articles and essays.

Ya got two choices: you can create the zine at yourname.crimsonzine.com… or you can host it on your own site, and we’ll FTP the pages for you.

We’ve worked pretty hard to make the process of setting up a zine as easy as possible. If you can’t create a zine in 10 seconds, we’ll give you your money back!

Ha, that’s a joke: it’s free software…

A quick overview of our sites:

CrimsonBlog.com – this is where you can create blogs, hosted either at yourname.crimsonblog.com or on your own server.

CrimsonZine.com – you can create your own zines here, hosted at yourname.crimsonzine.com… or of course, you can FTP it to your own server

WebCrimson.com – this is the content management software that supports both crimsonblog and crimsonzine sites. Whatever site you create, you can come here to update it…